Plastic Money Terminology

Plastic Money Terminology: An English-German Glossary

fifty-sixth part /sechsundfünfzigste Folge

terminal failure - the breakdown

of a terminal

Terminalversagen, Terminalausfall

terminal life cyclethe service life

of a terminal


terminal outage - the failure of a


Terminalversagen, Terminalausfall

terminal receipta piece of paper

printed out by a terminal documenting a performed transaction see also: ATM receipt, receipt

Quitting eines POS-Terminals

terminal reliabilitythe ability of a

terminal to function with high availability


terminal risk managementthe process of managing the total risk inherent to the transactions performed by terminals opp.: card risk management

Risikomanagement im Zusammenhang mit Terminals, Terminalrisikomanagement, Terminalrisikosteuerung

terminal transactionan electronic

transaction carried out through a terminal opp.: imprinter transaction see also: electronic transaction

elektronische Transaktion mittels eines POS-Terminals

terminated merchant filethe data file

containing all terminated merchants

Datensatz gekündigter Vertragsunternehmen

termination of a card - the cancellation

of a card according to the business conditions cf.: cancellation of a card, card cancellation, card termination

Storno einer Karte, Kartenstorno

test card- a card which is used for test purposes only opp.: live card see also: specimen card


third party card - a credit card with a special design which issued by a member and distributed through a third party institution cf.: affinity card, co-branded card

Karte, die von einer Bank mit speziellem Design ausgegeben und über einen Dritten vertrieben wird

third party fraudfraud that is incurred on transactions initiated by someone other than the genuine cardholder see also: card fraud, fraud, merchant fraud

Betrug durch Dritte

third party processing - the card

processing which is carried out by a computer centre to whom the member has delegated it see also: third party processor

Datenverarbeitung durch ein externes Rechenzentrum

third party processor - the computer

centre to whom the member has delegated the card processing see also: third party processing

externes Rechenzentrum

three-party carda card which is

issued by (a member of) a card organization for all purposes cf.: universal card opp.: in-store card, private label card, proprietary card, two-party card

universell einsetzbare Karte

through-the-wall ATM -an ATM

located outside of a bank branch see also: drive-through ATM, in-bank

ATM, in-branch ATM, indoor ATM, lobby ATM, off-premises ATM, off-site ATM, outdoor ATM

Geldausgabeautomat an der Außenfront eines Gebäudes (gewöhnlich einer Bank)

ticket valuethe amount on a sales slip


To be continued/Fortsetzung folgt.

Dr. Ewald Judt , Honorarprofessor , Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
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